Good Luck Story Stones


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Our Good Luck Story Stones are perfect for loose parts play. Set of 5.

Our Indigenous people have used Good Luck Story Stones for over 50,000 years to bring good luck, good health, strength and success into the lives of those who carry them.  It is said these stones evoke good spirits and ward off evil ones.

Our Good Luck Story Stones are all unique and hand painted by Aboriginal artist Jenny of the Budjari people. There are variations in each set which adds to their charm and authenticity.  Jenny’s passion for Aboriginal art is reflected in all her work and each stone tells a cultural story from her heart.

They include a variety of the following:
Pingin (Turtle) – means new beginnings
G’noon (Fire) – used to pass down stories and memories
Wajin (Platypus) – symbolises being at peace
Canberra (Meeting place) – friendship
Jalumm (Fish) – means abundant life
Gilgil (Dancing crane) – celebrating a new stage of life
Yowgurra (Goanna) – Reminds us we are strong
Kabul (Snake) – A symbol of strength and creativity
Murun (Emu) – featured in stories of creation / birth
Taran (Frog) – helps gain clarity
Muni (Kangaroo) – creator spirit
Borobi (Koala) – close ties ancestors


Materials: River rocks, clear lacquer, Australian made acrylic paint (conforms to the ASTM D4236 standards).


*Some products are made to order.  Please allow 72 business hours for shipment.


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